Our Intentions & Values


We believe in:

  • Meaningful Engaged Life

  • Growing old gracefully and with dignity

  • The Power of Sound

  • Non-denominational spirituality

  • Interdependence

  • Celebrating and Awakening the Divine Feminine

Our intentions are:

  • Honoring elders as wisdom carriers, including those living with mental and physical challenges.
  • Creating an inspiring space to go on an inward journey to find peace, strength, and dignity and to ease the suffering and pain caused by sickness and the loneliness experienced when the elderly in nursing homes become separated from those close to them.
  • Practicing a person-centered approach to care-giving that supports quality of life, recognizing the inherent value in old age.
  • Cultivating compassion, kindness and balance between women in facilities and their caregivers.
  • Contributing to a radical change in the approaches to dying in facilities for the elderly.

  • Offering a secular approach to sacredness and spirituality and bringing contemplative practices to nursing homes and assisted living facilities through which we can all come together, despite different religions, to experience spirit and heart, celebrate the beauty of our bodies and feminine wisdom, and reconnect with our cores, each other and the Earth.
  • Researching what’s truly beneficial to address the challenges that come with old age (including dementia), to allow for graceful, dignified, non-medicated aging without numbing drugs whenever possible.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of old age for our society and culture, of intergenerational relationships, and of community and family in old age.