Other Sessions

Individual Sessions

1 hr individualized session

We offer customized sound therapy sessions, and meditation-based stress-reduction sessions with use of sensorial methods and counseling. These sessions are a great way to get the full benefit of sound and aromatherapy specially customized for an individual.


Family Sessions

1 hr circle sessions for groups of 2-5 elderly women and their close friends, family and caregivers.

We believe in the importance of strengthening the bond between the elderly and their family and caregivers. (still need to work on this description)

Caregiver Sessions

for 3-10 full time caregivers at nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Caregivers are often exhausted and under a great deal of stress that can affect their relationships with those they care for.  These sessions, designed to support the well-being of caregivers,  offer a relaxing space to re-establish a sense of peace from within (reduce stress), to share and release emotions and to self-nourish.  The tools and training offered in these sessions can be  integrated into their daily work.


End of Life Sessions

It’s important to transform dying into a richer, more spiritual experience. This work is to help the dying explore and contemplate the transformative power of the dying process while helping them in cultivating inner strengths.(still need to work on this description) End of Life care Work with releasing and letting go, contemplative approaches to care of the dying and their families, Implementation of psychosocial and spiritual content into conventional medical settings