Wisdom Care | About Karina
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Karina Koloch’s background and education range from psychology and religious studies to social and digital entrepreneurship. Her work has been always focused on bringing social change and relief to those most neglected in the society.

Over the past few years, she has been dedicated to empowering women through contemplative counseling and sound therapy methods, and by organizing teaching rounds and meditations for women. She is devoted to the study and research of women’s spirituality and the healing qualities of sound. She organizes meditation workshops with other female teachers of various traditions to help women discover and align with the right practices for their personal growth.

“I aspire to train myself in developing and cultivating wisdom and compassion to benefit others. To empower women to explore their full potentials and reconnect to their intuition. To respect and honor experiences and knowledge of elders. To help people learn techniques and tools, which can help them bring attention to the inner-experience and to explore the natural state of awareness and learn how to heal and transform mental and emotional obstructions.”