Lucia McBee, LCSW, MPH, CYI, has worked with elders, high risk populations and persons with chronic conditions as well as their caregivers for over 25 years in a wide range of community, research, and institutional settings.

Since her graduation from Columbia University’s School of Social Work and Public Health, she has developed a pioneering practice using mindfulness, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to improve the quality of life in community, hospital, clinic and nursing home settings.
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Robin Rose Bennett, is an herbalist, writer, and educator who teaches WiseWoman Healing Ways of herbal medicine and EarthSpirit teachings. She is the author of two meditation CDs and the books Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living, and, most recently, The Gift of Healing Herbs.




Maria Sol Caycedo

“Mi mom is all: the entire universe with all its stars, comets, moons, suns, asteroids and light… her love was, is, and will be infinite. The all encompassing mother that embraces the soul and my whole heart.”

Lonetta Vida


Anna Koloch

“As the Divine gave us the body, so He will take it away, for such is the Flow of Life. Birth and Death are brothers, one making space for the other. All that dies will be reborn, for no energies can vanish, only transform. We die to be reborn – as trees, flowers, birds flying through the valleys. Life is limitless, we are forever Love…” 

Natalia Halles


Catherine Rode

“My Grandmother, who at 16 years old emigrated from Prague to NYC on her own, taught me adventure and how to stay in the moment. Her favorite phrase when you would forget something was “if you don’t use your head, you have to use your feet.” 

Natalie Zuñiga


Lia Winograd

“Lots of people around me dread growing older. Witnessing the strength, beauty and charisma of my Grandmother has helped me to not only cope with the passage of time, it has made me look forward to it.”

Lorena Marron

“My relationship with my Grandmother has taught me about the strength women carry inside.” 

PARTICIPATING FACILITIESfriendsandcontributors

We partner with senior centers, social day programs, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. We are deeply grateful to the partnering nursing facilities and the residents that have welcomed Wisdom Care into their homes.

The Carter Burden Center for the Aging
Hudson Pointe at Riverdale
Methodist Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation

As we continue to grow we are looking for partners and funding for scientific research on the effects of our programs’ tools and methodologies, including mindfulness-based elder care, sound therapy, herbal medicine, spirituality, ritual, heart memory, and cell-skin memory for older adults living with dementia and other physical and neurological challenges at nursing homes and assisted living facilities in New York.  If you are interested in collaborating please email us at Thank you!