Wisdom Circle for Women

Wisdom Circle is a one to one-and-a-half hour circle designed for older women with all stages of cognitive and physical challenges and for patients at the end of life. Participants gather in a circle where a sacred space is set to create a nourishing, peaceful, and non- judgmental atmosphere, where Elders are recognized and honored as wisdom keepers. Each  group session is individually customized accordingly to the participants and facilities needs and designed around a guiding intention. The intention is to hold a transformative space together with elders to remember and celebrate the deep bond women have to one another fostering the inner capacity to hold space both for oneself and for one another, to reconnect to the earth and the universal elements, to recall the memories and teachings of our ancestors, and to recognize and celebrate participants inner wisdom, intuition and courage.

By connecting to and with the heart through all senses and working with conscious breathing, sound healing, voice opening exercises, amongst other practices, participants access an empowered internal space where the suffering that can hold them back from experiencing a sense of inner freedom and peace is alleviated.

Click here to download a sample Wisdom Circle session.

We offer this program for groups ranging in size from 10-24 women with the following characteristics:

  • Sessions at assisted living facilities or nursing homes specifically for elderly women with dementia and related neurocognitive challenges.
  • Sessions for elderly women with different conditions and challenges living at assisted living facilities or nursing homes.
  • Sessions at community centers for independently living senior women.
* Caregivers and interested employees of facilities are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all sessions

To read about the feedback and references we have received from the participants, caregivers, therapists and facility directors, visit Testimonials page.

Photographed by Lorena Marron

This is our collective prayer for every woman
to reach elderhood knowing and
embodying her divinity and wisdom
as she is carried by her community.