Paula Winograd is a silent activist with a background in design and photography, and extended experience in social work, community organizing, group facilitating and in art as a path for social change. Through her work, Paula explores ways to empower and experience the full range of human existence. For the past years she has been practicing permaculture, wise women herbal medicine, holding space for women’s circles, and meditating with the moon. She is the cofounder of Fundación Musgo a non-profit  in Colombia that works with creative tools to plant seeds to open space for collective transformation and exchange.

Paula Winograd
photograph by Natalia Halles
“I honor this moment in my life and the experiences and teachers that have brought me to it. I am passionate about women's connections to the cosmos, to nature, to each other and to our own core womb center. I’m in awe of the cyclical feminine wisdom women carry within and the rituals that we inherit from this wisdom. I believe in earth magic, plants’ healing gifts, community strength, sisterhood, ritual, honoring our ancestors and elders, and the sharing of our stories. I work to empower radical self care, self-healing, the sacredness in everyday life, and the power of ritual and ceremony to reconnect with our inner intuition, natural rhythms, and wisdom. I seek to hold safe space to reclaim and strengthen the connection of mind, body, heart and spirit and deepen our relationship with the Earth. I’m humbled to do the work I do.”