13 Feb White Pine

 WHITE PINE     more about white pine soon . . . Return to Elements & Tools...

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13 Feb Rosa

   ROSA   What was whispered to the rose To break it open Last night Was whispered to my heart. –Rumi Rosa Rugosa, the flower of love, great nourisher of the nervous system, calms and soothes the mind helping with anxiety and depression. It gently opens the heart to self love and deepens...

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11 Feb Cedar

   GRANDMOTHER CEDAR     Cedar (Thuja Old) is a wise spirit tree offering us her grandmother gifts of fierce protection, grounding, wisdom, and balance. Often used to cleanse a home when first moving in. Helps transform fear into courage.   Return to Elements & Tools...

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06 Feb Rosemary

   ROSEMARY   Also known as Dew of the Sea, part of the mint family, is an herb of movement that is very warming for cold systems, an amazing digestive tonic, and a strengthener for the nervous system. Its oils with their uplifting aromas stimulate the circulatory system and...

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03 Feb Sweetgrass

   SWEETGRASS   Seneca or Holy Grass - Hierochloe odorata “Sweetgrass is the hair of our Mother; separately, each strand is not as strong  as the strands are when braided together.”  -Mary Ritchie   Return to Elements & Tools...

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25 Jan Lavender

   LAVENDER   Lavender is associated with the heart chakra. Very soothing and relaxing, it invokes peace of mind, inner calmness, love, happiness, and harmony that can help heal emotional pain. Its relaxing properties can help with a restful sleep. stress management. Its oils have anti-inflammatory qualities.   Return to...

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25 Jan Palo Santo

 PALO SANTO   Palo Santo (Sacred Wood  in Spanish), from the citrus family, is a magical wise tree that grows in South America. With a long history of use by indigenous cultures, the wood has traditionally been used in ritual and ceremony for its purifying gifts (similar to...

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23 Jan Jasmine

   JASMINE   In Ayurveda, Jazmin represents compassion and love. Sweet aphrodisiac fragrance.   Return to Elements & Tools...

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White Sage

23 Jan Sage

 WHITE SAGE   White Sage (Salvia apiana) is known for its purifying and cleansing qualities that help to open space for inviting the new as well as preparing people and spaces for ceremony work. It supports the clearing of emotional blockages, releasing, and letting go, as well...

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