About Us 2


Wisdom Care was founded by Karina Koloch and Paula Winograd in 2015. In our first 10 months we have served over 300 older adult women in New York City with Alzheimer’s and related neurocognitive conditions as well as other physical and emotional challenges of old age. Our work is rooted in a heart-centered approach to aging in women, where care is focused on emotional, social, mental and spiritual well-being, and is explored through all the living senses. We are currently in the process of seeking 501(c)3 status.

Our intention is to hold a nurturing, supportive and transformative space together with elders, to celebrate and honor their strong inner wisdom, intuition and courage. In situations where most independence is taken away by disease or living conditions, we work to open up internal space where we can dwell in those places where independence is still available, from which personal and community growth can be explored, and compassion, kindness and self-esteem cultivated.

We offer five types of heart-centered sessions. Every session is prepared and customized according to the needs of participants and facilities, and based on our evaluation of previous sessions.

I aspire to train myself in developing and cultivating wisdom and compassion to benefit others. To empower women to explore their full potentials and reconnect to their intuition. To respect and honor experiences and knowledge of elders. To help people learn techniques and tools, which can help them bring attention to the inner-experience and to explore the natural state of awareness and learn how to heal and transform mental and emotional obstructions.”

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“I honor this moment in my life and the experiences and teachers that have brought me to it. I am passionate about women’s connections to the cosmos, to nature, to each other and to our own core womb center. I’m in awe of the cyclical feminine wisdom women carry within and the rituals that we inherit from this wisdom. I believe in earth magic, plants’ healing gifts, community strength, sisterhood, ritual, honoring our ancestors and elders, and the sharing of our stories. I work to empower radical self care, self-healing, the sacredness in everyday life, and the power of ritual and ceremony to reconnect with our inner intuition, natural rhythms, and wisdom. I seek to hold safe space to reclaim  and strengthen the connection of mind, body, heart and spirit and deepen our relationship with the Earth. I’m humbled to do the work I do.”

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